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Our steam locomotive is a 52 8055, 1943 model built by DRB. It is the cart horse of the El’Achai Peace Train and its name ist BLUESTAR. It is the most ecofriendly steam locomotive worldwide. Converted from a charcoal engine into an environment friendly, low cost, ecological light oil running engine, it is almost CO2 emission free. It is clean, produces no smoke and burns efficiently and yet the characteristic white steam can still be seen from far off. The sound of Bluestar is impressive and transports whoever hears it into another time period. This old, lovingly renewed, modernized, honourable locomotive, the first technical means of locomotion, will take us into a new age full of peace and freedom linking old technologies with new ones. That is the vision and the goal.

The current El’Achai Peace Train fleet is composed of 3 sleeping cars and a dining car. In addition there is a luggage and tool coach and a communication coach also.

This train will travel far, it will cross continents and wherever it goes it will touch people in their heart, will inspire them and will give hope for peace on earth to each human being and all nations. The El’Achai Peace Train is going to set a lot in motion. Be part of it.


Interview with Uwe Fiedler

(with English subtitles)

The big peace journey is minutely planned and will take us through 18 countries and back to Switzerland. You can find the description of this journey by following this link.

Perhaps you would like to be one of the peace bearers on such a journey?

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