The big journey of the EL´ACHAI Peace Train

from Switzerland via Istanbul, to the middle east
through 18 countries and back

Means, rails are complete and confirmed.
Presently no transit permission
In clarification
Means rails are still incomplete, but in restauration.

We are already intensively planning and organizing this journey, our great vision. Right now, we are dealing with the train companies and embassies in the various countries. It is not about politics, not about religion, not about the interest of any particular group. It is about peace and freedom for all nations. It is about a mindful and respectful community of human beings. It is about setting an example and leaving traces. It is about making stops and being together, each one in dignity, all celebrating life. It is about the beginning and the building of a New World in which each human being has his/her place. A world in which people trust again and meet each other lovingly. Where else should Evolution lead us to if not there? There is no turning around when a light is lit.

You will be informed of ongoing developments via this site and our Newsletter

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Wonderful. This video filmed by Amnesty has deeply touched us which is why we have decided to show it on our website.