Declaration and Statement



The following organizations are dedicated to the realization of the El’Achai Peace Train as well as the El’Achai global peace project:

The El’Achai – Peace and Freedom Association, Switzerland, is an association with a clear focus on planning, organizing and carrying out peace and freedom projects for all nations. Every action taken by the association serves this one and only purpose. It is responsible for most of the planning, the administration and communication. Its highest principle is to operate in a free, flexible and loving way. No request has been made for tax exemption. Read more under Association Statutes (just in German language).

El’Achai International Railways GmbH, is a worldwide operating, private train company with many years of experience and responsible for its own administration. It serves the purpose of freedom on a commercial level but most of all for trips organized by the El’Achai Peace Train. The Peace Train coaches and all technical aspects are coordinated and administered by this association. The statutes’ priorities are the realization of the El’Achai Peace Train project.

The El’Achai association promotes, supports and implements the following kind of projects:

  • Support and accompaniment for people and animals with physical and emotional problems
  • Events promoting awareness in the meaning of and application of peace, freedom and equality for all. Main ongoing project: the El’Achai Peace Train with the journey from Switzerland to Jerusalem and back – planned end of 2017, see here
  • Research, construction and production of new technologies in all aspects of life. The lack of freedom for us all resulting from the use of life threatening and destructive technologies must be stopped as well as the dependence on conventional energy sources, costly medical care and the eventual lack of all resources
  • Advanced science at the service of all human beings. We are in close contact with established scientists looking for solutions which they have already found, in particular in areas researching how to gain energy, in medicine, conscious terraforming, cleansing of the planet from whatever kind of pollution, setting up socially sustainable life concepts and life strategies equal for all living beings on Earth.
  • Meetings for people from different backgrounds and with different types of education on a heartfelt basis. International understanding on a small and large scale based on respect, esteem and compassion.
  • Information events for the above mentioned activities, media campaigns for peace and freedom


All the above mentioned organizations operate for worldwide freedom and individual freedom for every human being neutral to political, religious or other personal interests. The founders and those responsible for the organization base their work on principles of freedom and spiritual ethics. They reject people, concepts and actions which deny life. If possible, members are kindly requested to adhere to these principles. Serious violations might lead to exclusion. Every action taken by one of the members is based on healthy heartfelt common sense. Anyone with a heart and a mind, who wishes to give support to the vision of peace and freedom for all nations is welcome.

Peace means inner peace in oneself, social, cultural and religious peace and the ending of brutality on this planet.

Freedom means personal freedom in order to develop and live one’s own potential as well as being able to have the financial means to do so. Freedom equally means being able to organize one’s life free from any kind of harmful influences. Freedom from any form of selfish economic interests and from all kinds of religious tension will be very desirable in the future. Freedom also means that each individual or each community has access to basic needs in decent conditions.