The Global El’Achai Peace Project


The global El’Achai peace project begins with a city in the middle of the desert. It is to be the first of 12 cities like no others. The 12 neighbouring countries will build it by nurturing mutual esteem for one another. Each country is to give the best of its culture, qualities and treasures. A common project on neutral ground, a collaboration city built according to the highest geomantic and ecological principles, a centre of exchange empowered by ethics and peaceful rules. Biological and sustainable agriculture is planned. It is to become a place where people of all origins can feel well and live with each other in peace and freedom.

El’Achai Peace City surrounded by bordering countries connected by railway.
An anchor of light in the New World.

New technologies will be used in all areas of this project:

  • New architecture – use of new construction materials such as carbon
  • Gentle terraforming, for example irrigation with prepared salt water and environmental decontamination methods
  • New technologies and energies, which we will discuss in more detail in due course

We are happy to finally be able to inform you of El’Achai’s larger concept. The Peace Train is an elegant transportation means chosen to travel with. But it is not just a train to bring us from A to B. It is more. It will set a wave of energy and peace in motion which will make it possible to achieve these goals and enable us to be active in creating a new world. The golden-blue train trip through 18 countries will be supported by a cultural and nation-wide unifying program. In more than one place, such as at a large peace conference in the heart of the Middle East, equally minded, loving and scientifically oriented people will meet in order to express and discuss the similarities of the World Family.

PEACE through common ground

FREEDOM through free energy, new technologies and jobs