Peace and freedom for all nations


It all began with a dream a little boy of six cherished in his heart and continues to nourish today. Full of enthusiasm for trains and especially for steam locomotives, a trait he inherited from his grandmother and mother, he was never far away when an old, honourable steal horse blew its ear splitting “Tuuhuuut”.

In this vision he saw a world full of harmony and peace unfolding along a busy railway track along which people went to work happily in lush green fields filled with flowers. Everyone lived in prosperity, was healthy and peaceful inwardly and outwardly. Everyone had support from a loving community. Happiness, light heartedness and satisfaction were present everywhere.

This image of another kind of world, a different world, a renewed world is present in each one of us, deeply engraved in our Souls. Unfortunately many people living on this beautiful planet have lost hope in ever seeing such a world. However, there are those who, and thank God more than just a few, still believe in this vision and know that it is possible – yes, we can make it happen.

We will make it happen even if some have to lead the way, those of us who have not yet been paralyzed by mainstream ideas of this time and who are not ashamed of exposing their dreams. In the end we will create peace on earth, all together, the global family of our hearts, a kind of peace we all long for. We shall overcome all mental limitations. THAT is evolution.

This is how that an old steam locomotive which used to run on charcoal, emitting enormous quantities of dirt, shows us today that it can run on organic heating oil. Equipped with modern technology it practically eliminates all toxic particles. In the future, combined with an even more revolutionary technology (which will be introduced at a later date), it will run even more efficiently and cleaner and, in the end, it will show us – and it will – that it can run on unconventional energy sources telling us what evolution is about.


All of the above mentioned is what the El’Achai Peace Train stands for. Staying on track, rolling straight ahead towards peace and freedom for mankind , heart in heart, mile after mile, city after city, country after country, continent after continent, travelling to ever more nations on Earth, it invites us to come on board and take part in celebrating life and trusting the positive creative power inherent in all of us.

Who doesn’t long for that, deep down, in their heart? It goes without saying that for this to manifest itself on a collective level many people have to discover peace within themselves. Every single peaceful thought and every peaceful action taken determines the outcome. We invite you to come with us as sister and brother at heart.

El’Achai comes from the Aramaic language and means “amongst brothers and sisters”.

El’Achai – Peace and freedom for all Nations Organization is a gathering of people who have given themselves the purpose of nourishing peaceful energy in a peaceful and loving way. All of it will be transported into the world by the El’Achai Peace Train which will travel through many countries without restrictions as to cultural, ethnical, religious or economic differences. The message is:

We are all ONE, one global family. We create our new world now.
Come, let us look at what we have in common.
In our hearts we all want the same for the World – for us – and for our children: