The El’Achai Peace Train also runs in Jordan

Inspired by the original El’Achai Peace Train, people in Jordan have worked hard to get their peace train on the rails. They succeeded with flying colours. We were invited and a 36-strong and hearty delegation of El’Achai peace messengers, including the board of El’Achai – Peace & Freedom celebrated this event with our Jordanian friends. The old German steam engine was put into operation for the first time after 50 years for this special day. It took a lot of preparation and many permits before we could undertake this trip with about 150 people. One hour through the capital Amman, with loud peace-tooting and many waving and cheering people along the way. We congratulate and thank Jordan for this commitment to peace and freedom. It was an honor to celebrate with you. El’Achai – Peace for all peoples.