The vision

It all began with a dream a little boy of six cherished in his heart and continues to nourish today. Full of enthusiasm for trains… click here to read more


The train

The first major project goal was to put the Peace Train on the rails. This was achieved at the end of 2015 with the maiden journey from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2nd 2015… click here to read more

New technologies and freedom

Our Peace Train is driven by an old steam locomotive which used to run on charcoal, emitting enormous quantities of dirt, shows us today that it can run… click here to read more

The big peace journey

We are already intensively planning the big journey of the EL’ACHAI Peace Train from Switzerland to the middle east through 18 countries and… click here to read more

The Global El’Achai Peace Project

The global El’Achai peace project begins with a city in the middle of the desert. It is to be the first of 12 cities like no others. The 12 neighbouring countries.. click here to read more

The first time on the rails

The maiden journey

The maiden journey of the El’Achai-Peace Train from the deposit in Sissach to Rosenheim and back took place from Oct. 29 to Nov. 2nd 2015… click here to read more

The charity journey

About 30 orphans and 30 disabled people coming from various regional institutions accompanied by tutors and helpers were on this charity journey… click here to read more

We celebrate a festival of peace

First of all, this event was marked by the inauguration of our own train fleet. The final preparatory work was carried out and the Open Heart Gates Day… click here to read more

Be part of it

Club Membership

Becoming a vision partner/supporting member means being more deeply involved in the events surrounding the project and at the same time… click here to read more


You would like to support the El’Achai peace project with a one-time donation? A donation form is available for this purpose… click here to read more


The proceeds of this shop (presentation in german language only) will benefit 100% to El´Achai Peace Train. The range of designs is constantly being expanded. So it’s worth stopping by every now and then… click here to go to the shop



A television team is currently accompanying us to produce a longer-term documentary about the Peace Train. Previous press releases can be found here

Films and videos

Events and other activities around the Peace Train project are mostly also captured in the picture. You can find a video collection by following this link

Photo gallery

You can find a collection of photos by following this link

Train composition

A presentation of the current El’Achai fleet can be found here

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