Charity journey of the El’Achai – Peace Train

Steam locomotive day trip – Rosenheim – Salzburg – Rosenheim

Saturday October 31st 2015…

… what an adventure!

Karte Charityfahrt


About 30 orphans and 30 disabled people coming from various regional institutions accompanied by tutors and helpers were on this charity journey. They were so happy and we had a lot of fun with them. In addition this trip was open to anyone who wanted to make a day trip to Salzburg with the Peace Train.

A few pictures of the day:

Many thanks to all the participants especially to the train crew who did everything they could to spoil the peace travellers. Some of the orphans in particular, also fugitives, were very touched and didn’t want to let go of Uwe. He had to promise to pay a visit to their children’s home after they had been invited to travel on the train. Knowing him he will keep his word – a man’s word.