Invitation to the open house in the train depot

Sunday, August 13, 2017 in Sissach

Dear friend of the El’Achai peace train,

So much is happening in this time that we do not know how to accommodate this in this newsletter. It goes on at all levels.

To show you this directly and to celebrate with you, we invite you when

the El’Achai Peace Train opens its heart gates


A colorful and exciting program begins at 11 o’clock in the El’Achai train depot located Reuslistrasse 2a, 4450 Sissach near Basel.

Overview of the program:

• The depot area and the buildings have been further restored and want to welcome you with open arms.

• Where the rails lead into the world past the locomotive shed, we planted the El’Achai Soul Tree, an 18-year-old beech. It is a small retreat with benches. Also there you are welcome.

• There will be a guided tour through the depot with Uwe, our Swiss association president and guardian of the vision of the Peace Train, to present and make you feel all this.

• Isabelle, our German association president, will give an entertaining lecture with a picture and film presentation in the big hall.

• The world’s most environmentally friendly steam locomotive, our BLUESTAR, will be waiting for you under steam.

• The three newly restored golden-blue sleeping wagons can be visited inside and outside. From now on they carry the permanent branding “El’Achai Friedenszug” and “El’Achai Peace Train”

• A freight car has been repainted by a creative team and this invites you to leave your colored handprints as a statement of peace.

• The El’Achai Peace Choir will sing one or two peace songs on the stage for all present.

• There will be a balloon event where we will all raise peace balloons together.

• A private film crew and the Swiss television will be present.

• Eating and drinking stalls on the premises.

• A colorful program awaits your whole family.

Peace begins where you arrive

You are very welcome


A big request:

We ask you for your active help:

Of course we want to reach a lot of people with this invitation and for this pupose, we address the GREAT request to all to promote this important day with all the possibilities that everyone has.

Priority 1:
Send us a WhatsApp message, just with your name, on the club phone: +49 (0) 1515 – 72 77 475 so that we can send you the two invitations you see below via WhatsApp, which you can then easily send to your chosen contacts.

Priority 2:
Please also share this invitation on Facebook, Instagram or other networks. Here the image produced for it (right mouse button -> save as)

Priority 3:
The detailed, above invitation in DIN A4: PDF of the invitation
Either forwarding, printing and distributing (copy shop around the corner?) or dispolay them in appropriate places. They can also be printed as DIN A5 flyers to give them to people.

By the way: The homepage is online since today. It’s not finished yet, but it’s a beginning. In the future, it will present the current events surrounding the project and will be updated constantly. It already contains the new design in Corporate Ident. Whereas , the home page, contains more detailed information.



It still needs money for the summer event

We’ve gotten used saying that quite frankly. In our association we have to do so, because from where else is the money to come, except for membership fees and donations?

Even if you may not be able to come, there is still the possibility to make a contribution to this event with a euro or franc amount?

You can donate quite specifically for these things:

The living El’Achai Peace Train
greets and thanks you