Rosenheim, March 28, 2017

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Today we would like to send you a newsletter full of pictures because they say more than many words.

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For the second time we had to go to the repair works in Bucharest. It was about the last details of the restoration of our three sleeping wagons. Here you see Uwe in intensive discussion with the expert and plant managers. We checked every detail in a 10-hour day. Still, not everything is as it should be and unfortunately a lot of extra costs have come together. Maybe you are after a spring donation for the peace train? That would be very helpful at the moment. Every euro, every Swiss Franke, counts.

A dear heartfelt thanks


This is what the three sleeping cars will look like when they are finished with golden stripes and the inscription, which will then be permanently applied. The El ‘Achai Peace Train will become a brand and the El’Achai wagons, after their transfer to the depot to Sissach (in June 2017), will stay there an can be visited.


On August 13, 2017, there will be a big open house in Sissach, and today we cordially invite you to make a note of this date to get a taste of pure peace and train depot air. But we will talk about that in more detail in one of the next newsletters and invite you once again to be formally and cordially with us on this day.


Our “baby” the 23058 gets here just her boiler test and then comes to the main inspection.


This wagon is called “Moses”. It is our communication car. It is currently being rebuilt by radio technicians to be able to send from anywhere in the world. It will also serve as a luggage-tool car and a conference wagon for the crew during the big journey. It also has a medical compartment. It is currently in the due main inspection and will also receive his golden inscription “MOSES” in a European – Arabic and Hebrew lettering.

If you would like to donate a golden letter (or a whole lettering), please contact us directly via


Room 2 in the train depot is in preparation. It will become the New / Free Energy Neutrino and Hydrogen Research Station in the next few months. Alternative propulsion models, also for trains, will be implemented there with professors and physicians from different countries. At the same time, there will be an exhibition space with test arrangements showing the latest state in the neutrino research, also in the field of new medical technologies.


Again and again, smaller or larger groups of our members / visionary partners meet in the train depot, often also for short-term high-speed assignments, to lend hands and their hearts. The depot will be rearranged, renovation and painting done, etc. Also, there is always something to do on the wagons. We live it all directly with our members.
Here is the “work crew” from last weekend. Many thanks to you.


We have already reported about the reconstruction work in the train depot in the last newsletter. Here are a few impressions in moving pictures Please click on the picture to watch the movie!
Once again our heartfelt thanks for our honorary members / vision partners. A good 20-member working group has done an incredible work during a whole week.




As you can see, things are moving forward. Also on the very practical level that we showed you here in the language of the pictures.

If you always want to be up-to-date and fully informed about the development of the Peace Train and the Global El’Achai Peace Project, it might be worthwhile for you to become a Visionspartner with El’Achai. That would be a win-win situation, because members of the El’Achai Association have some advantages, such as that they are informatively more involved in the events, as well as in the awarding of rides in the Peace Train on his travels.

You can find the opportunity here: Become a Vision Partner now

We would be happy to welcome you as a member of our ever-growing Peace Train family.

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The Board of the El’Achai Association sends you Love and Peace
Isabelle, André, Uwe


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