Rosenheim, December 12,2016

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We will now report to you in shorter time intervals on the developments of the Global El’Achai Peace Project and the El ‘Achai Peace Train.

This is because now more and more reliable and volunteer club members take care of various coordination tasks. For this we are infinitely grateful, thank you very much to this motivated group.

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PS: Vision partners / members have many privileges in the expansion of the further project.

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We wholeheartedly wish you a cozy and uplifting Christmas and the best start into the new year.

Here are some selected news for you.


First steps for the new times center in Sissach

In a working marathon with an average of 15 volunteers and a few technical helpers, from 14 to 20 November, the renovation of the old station building was started in Sissach, where the Peace Train depot is located. As you may already know, there will be, besides the home of the Peace Train, a new times center with seminar and retreat facilities and a new technology center ( But this requires a permanent presence and a contact person on site. In the working week, an apartment has been furnished, so that not only the peace train can be protected from the creativity of some sprayers, but also the next steps towards this new times center be tackled. In this working week, top performances have been achieved, which were also made possible by the mutual respect and the attentiveness to each helper.

The photo shows two of the renovated rooms


Information day from Nevember 27, 2016

As announced in the last newsletter, another information day on the overall project took place in Rosenheim on November 27. Around 80 participants were informed about the overall project and the latest developments. Many were there for the first time. It is always deeply touching to see the light in the eyes, the touch of the hearts that come with the reports and information.
And what had already been lived during the working week in Sissach was summarized on this information day, after a collective singing, in the following statement: In the community, the currency calls honour, see picture:



A big THANKS to all donors of this past year!

You should know that with your donation you have been very supportive of reaching the donation target for pasting the sleeping cars of the Peace Train. We could already have a set of golden stickers and peace doves (see photo above), especially fabricated for the 3 sleeping cars. Unfortunately, it was not possible to stick the sleeping cars in autumn for temperature reasons. But in the spring, when it gets warmer, we are looking forward to do that. Then we will finally have beautiful photo and film footage, which we will share with you.

A milestone for the first half of 2017:

Meanwhile, 3 more wagpons came for € 999.- in the possession of El ‘Achai International Railways. This railway company was founded as a service provider for the El ‘Achai project. Thanks to your donations which we forwarded to the “Hardware Train”, El Achai – Frieden & Freiheit eV has received, by a contract of use, a say for the use of the wagons for peace projects.

With the other 3 wagons which are needed for the big journey, the “El ‘Achai fleet” now rose to 6 wagons. Thus, we are more independent for the implementation of the project and come away much cheaper.

However, it needs further repair work for the new wagons which must also be painted job and then again the labelling and the peace doves.

Nevertheless, we are very grateful for your support so far and would enjoy if you would like to be one of our donors in 2017 as well.

All donations at a glance: donations


You want to give away peace and freedom?

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If you by an article in our shop, the proceeds, like those of everything we create, will benefit the Peace Train, the Global El’Achai Peace Project, and thus peace and freedom on earth and for all peoples. In addition, we can use it to carry the message of the Peace Train outside.

Thank you very much to our messenger of peace Ute for looking after this shop artistically an on a honorary basis.


Love and Peace from the board of the El ‘Achai Association
Isabelle, André, Uwe