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It has been a long time since the last El’Achai News went out. But not because there is nothing to report, but on the contrary, because the events are overturning – in a positive sense.

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The first country to officially welcome and support the Peace Movement …

… is Iran. We have been warmly received there, spoke to the responsible and looked into their eyes. We could recognize cordiality and a sincere desire for peace. The El ‘Achai Peace Train is already eagerly awaited in this country. Our overall concept, which shows a sustainable solution for peace in the region of the Middle East and beyond, is also met with great approval. We were told: “May you find a way that brings people together, we will fully support that.”

We were promised that we could use one of the largest mosques in Iran for the El ‘Achai Peace Conference, which will bring the world family together.

In honor of the El ‘Achai Peace Train, the Iranian Post has already issued a first special stamp series. A second will follow.

These days, and in the weeks and months ahead, we will be in contact with the leaders of the 18 countries that will be affected by the Peace Train. Each of these governments and the respective country’s railway companies will be given the opportunity to do the same as Iran and to show their commitment. The concept: Each country provides the Peace Train with its own locomotive, ensuring by this way safety and a smooth passage.



We would like to present you the different partners in the El ‘Achai Project

• Association El’Achai – Peace & Freedom eV (Germany)

• Association   El’Achai – Peace & Freedom (Switzerland)

• Association   El’Achai Peace Project eV (Germany)

• GmbH   El’Achai International Railways (Switzerland)

A detailed description of each of these entities can be found here:


Donations in €uro with donation receipt now possible!

Click here for an overview of the donation options: Donations with a donation receipt


(the picture is a photomontage, but that’s exactly what the sleeping cars will look like)

We were able to fulfill the purchase contract for 3 of these sleeping cars. Complete new restoration, paint and approvals for all countries included. But we had to incur up a lot of liabilities for that. In addition to generous donations and a total expenditure of all our club and private reserves, some members have granted us interest-free loans. Also money had to be “bought” at the bank.

It was a big and courageous step in the right direction. These cars are now owned by El ‘Achai and do not need to be rented for twice as much. Thus, the estimated total costs have already been drastically reduced.

We have given everything at this point and ask for your support. Maybe you have an idea how to get more funding?


The current status of the El’Achai donation account can be seen here: Account balance

This amount will be needed in a few days to pay the transfer of the sleeping cars from the Bucharest restoration plant to Switzerland.

Maybe you would like to donate one (or even more) of the golden letters of the car lettering? You can also devote a letter or a white dove to someone you love and wish peace.

These stickers in special foil are subsequently glued on the cobalt blue paint.

1 letter of EL’ACHAI PEACETRAIN costs 150 €uros / CHF
(this inscription will be applicated 6 times = a total of 102 letters)

1 peace dove (4 pieces per car = a total of 12 doves) costs 100 €uro / CHF

Total cost of the labelling (including the golden stripes = 17.980 €uro)

Currently we need urgently 5400 €uro for it.

With all my heart THANK YOU


The inspection of the 3 sleeping cars in Bucharest

We shot 3 short videos there in the restoration plant during these 3 days. Interesting, funny, solemn.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Have fun looking and empathizing.


Free and non-binding information day about the overall El’Achai peace project

November 27, 2016, from 9.30am – 4pm
at El’Achai – Peace & Freedom eV, 83022 Rosenheim, Ludwigsplatz 16, 2nd floor

Can a train change the world? – Yes, he can, because the train is all of us
Is there a concept behind the train? – Yes, the Global El ‘Achai Peace Project
How is this supposed to work? – Come and look at it.

An exciting and deeply touching day awaits you. No matter what you’ve thought about this train so far, you’ll know why we like to talk about miracles. We invite you to join us.

Advance booking requested via:


The El’Achai Peace Train homepage

The Peace homepage is constantly changing, being extended or restructured. Check it out in order to know how El ‘Achai presents itself. Maybe you’ve noticed that you can also select the English version of the HP above.

There are new informations on the following pages:


Currently big discount promotion in the El’Achai clothing shop

The fall collection with new El ‘Achai designs on long sleeve tops and hoodies has arrived.

If you by an article in our shop, the proceeds, like those of everything we create, will benefit the Peace Train, the Global El’Achai Peace Project, and thus peace and freedom on earth and for all peoples. In addition, we can use it to carry the message of the Peace Train outside.

We look forward to your visit and purchase. The shop is constantly expanding, it is worthwhile to check it out again and again:

Thank you very much to our messenger of peace Ute for looking after this shop artistically an on a honorary basis.

By the way, at every full moon, there is a common peace meditation for the El’Achai Peace Project, especially for the El’Achai Peace Train. The next one is on Sunday, October 16,  2016 at 19.30.

You can find the video for the mediation (only in german language) here:

With open hearts full of confidence, we expect the best for the world family.

Peace is not only possible, but an original state, both inside and outside.

We are ready to give everything.

Sincerely, greetings from the board of the El ‘Achai Association