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Things are moving forward, at all levels and we have great news for you. Thank you for having subscribed to these news.

Now you can donate without spending money – so ingenious!

Our messenger of peace Florian Wetter has tracked down and set up a possibility for the association, which in our opinion is really awesome – that there is such a thing!

He registered us and the Train of Pease on the website and as a non-profit organization, we are allowed to raise funds by that way.

Over 500 online shops, including:,,,,,, and many more are involved. Whenever you visit one of these stores through Boost-Project and buy something in the shop, we will get a commission (on average 6% of the purchase value) and this amount is then automatically transferred on the donation account of El’Achai – Frieden & Freiheit eV. If many use this possibility, it can mount up, there is a huge potential. Take a look at it and browse through the shops, you can also use the search function, you’ll be amazed: Overview of the shops You could also forward this link to friends or in your newsletter. You do not even have to sign up, you just have to start.

PLEASE join and tell your friends, share it on social networks or by any other way.

The instructions (in german language) can be found here: Instructions for “boosting”

Very much thanks to our messenger of peace Florian


The El’Achai Shop is online

Our messenger of peace Ute Seiler, a trained graphic designer, created voluntarily beautiful and tasteful motives in relation with the Peace Train for  clothing for women, men and children that you can find in our shop.

If you by an article in our shop, the proceeds, like those of everything we create, will benefit the Peace Train, the Global El’Achai Peace Project, and thus peace and freedom on earth and for all peoples. In addition, we can use it to carry the message of the Peace Train outside.

We look forward to your visit and purchase. The shop is constantly expanding, it is worthwhile to check it out again and again:

Thank you very much to our messenger of peace Ute


The El’Achai Peace Train homepage

The homepage of the Peace Train is constantly changing, being extended or restructured. Check it out again in order to know how your association presents itself to the public. Maybe you’ve noticed that you can also select the English version of the HP above.

The following pages are new:

The above-mentioned possibility of “boosting” (donating) has been added to the following pages as a boost button:

By the way, the sleeping car barometer has changed again, you can find it here:



By the way, on every full moon , there is a common peace meditation for the El’Achai Peace Project, especially for the El’Achai Peace Train. The next one is on Saturday, 21st May 2016 at 19.30. You can find the video  for the mediation (only in german language) here:

It would be very helpful if you would join us in manifesting our common vision in this way. You are welcome to spread the call to this meditation as you wish on all channels that are available to you, so that more and more people participate from month to month. Thanks for that.

Incidentally, there is a very handy service that reminds you by email two or one day before the full moon: (is a secure website, no ads, etc.


We hope that you enjoyed this informations again.

Sincerely, greetings from the Board