Dear subscriber of the official El’Achai News

Here is a small interim report of El’Achai – Peace & Freedom for all Peoples eV

On February 5, 2016, the non-profit sister association “El Achai – Peace & Freedom Switzerland” was founded in Gachnang. From April 2016 on it will be possible to become a Vision Partner there and / or to donate there in Swiss Francs. Donations to this association are deductible of tax in Switzerland. All our Swiss members and vision partners will receive detailed informations from us. Until then everything stays the way it is.

As you may have noticed, we have postponed the great peace journey to Jerusalem and back by a year, to fall 2017. First, the frictions in these countries is (not quite) at their peak right now, and we wait until they will decline and the call for peace sounds. Then we will be there and have everything well prepared.

As you surely or hopefully have already realized, the El’Achai Peace Project is not “just” about a train going to Jerusalem. Of course he should and will do that but it is not a journey from A to B, but a whole travel project, with many stops and cross cultural events along the route. All the people who are on board of the train and those in the countries through which the train travels, should experience and shape this together. People from all countries come on board of the Peace Train, there will be joint prayer and meditation meetings and a big peace conference in Iran, where representatives from every country on earth can take part.

Maybe you sometimes think about the Peace Train and you’re not sure if there’s anything going on after the maiden journey last year? You can be sure it’s going on. We are already in contact with various religious and political leaders, the first meetings will take place in April. Our “Science and Technology Department” is also ready to prepare the opening of the world’s first Neutrino Museum in Sissach near Basel. Opening will be in May 2016, you will receive an invitation in time.

In addition, concrete preparations are underway for the compilation of the wagons that will be deployed for this journey. We are currently in the process of buying 3 used sleeping cars (180 beds in total), which will be completely refurbished and will require a new registration. They will be painted golden blue this summer.  Purchasing and refurbishing the three sleeping cars is by nearly € 300,000 cheaper compared to the renting of such wagons. With private funds and part of the donations we have received, the first sleeping car is paid; it is already completely restored. The two other wagons are soon going to the plant and we are full of confidence that somehow we will get the necessary funds. Maybe you could envision to make a donation – we will not stop you 🙂

This is one of the sleeping cars, the golden-blue coulering is meanwhile a photomontage, but it should be similar.



Another big and important field of activity is public relations and access to the media. This area has to be in the hands of professionals from the beginning on, including during the journey, and here to a wonderful and ideal solution is on the horizon.

Because of the mentioned areas you can surely imagine that the organizational effort is enormous. This lead us to another field of activity that is currently being developed, namely building a structure in which dedicated people, let us call them El’Achai Messengers of Peace, can volunteer according to their abilities and opportunities.

Therefore, we would like to remind you that on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in Rosenheim,  Ludwigsplatz 16 (9.30 am – 3.30 pm), the third and preliminary last free information day for the El’Achai peace project will take place. Uwe Maranius Fiedler will tell us again, with a current presentation on screen and in a conversational tone, what the current state is and much more: a general overview, which will go far beyond the great Peace Train journey to Jerusalem. For what will happen next, when the Peace Train has fulfilled its mission? What when there is peace? Then it really starts. Then comes freedom and freedom means that gradually each person can fulfill a task and participate in building the New World, new technologies and creating abundance and security, etc., eg:

Introduction, presentation and construction of new technologies for energy and medical applications, environmental cleaning and terraforming (neutrino technology).

Creation of common projects of all countries, such as the construction of new means of transportation, new residential and living concepts, and cities built in harmony with the sacred geometry.

All these are just clues at this point, we will present them in more detailed way on the information day. Because these are not only intentions, the plans exist and the contacts are established.

Anyone who has visited one of the info days can register as a Messenger of Peace. A Messenger of Peace can tell us what he imagines, what he / she wants / can contribute, what are his preferencies, abilities and professional training. The Messengers of Peace will be informed and trained in various areas from April on by the mean of so-called webinars (online) in order to find their place in the whole concept, where they can feel comfortable and become self-employed. Maybe you too feel called to actively participate as a Messenger of Peace, you have to feel it in yourself, of course, and we hope that many conscious people do so. The participation in the information day is absolutely non-binding. You are absolutely free to register as a Messenger of Peace or not.

We welcome everyone who shares this vision with us and comes to the information day to delve deeper into it, to marvel at the wonders that have already happened, to stay in the flow of the miracle energy and expect a new one each and every day.

If you want to attend, please let us know, just contact us at or call +49 (0) 8031 ​​235354.

Sincerely, with regards from the Board

Isabelle Adamea, André Nama’Him and Uwe Maranius