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This is just a short newsletter, we will certainly have much more to report the next time. Nevertheless, we would like to send you the following. Especially the 2nd article of this newsletter is particularly appealing to us.

The travel times for the maiden journey of the Peace Train are now fixed

On the part of the SBB we have the travel times at the Swiss stations for months, even with track information. It was a bit more complicated for the German rail network. It was much pushed, corrected from all sides and now we have received the written confirmation of the travel times from the Deutsche Bahn. These are thus 99.9% fixed. You can find them here:

The maiden voyage, 29.Oct. & 02. Nov. 2015 (scroll down the page)
The outward journey from Sissach to Rosenheim is fully booked, tickets are still available for the return journey.

The Charity Excursion, Oct. 31, 2015 (scroll down the page)
We provide for this ride for free a total of 100 first class seats for seniors from nursing homes, physically and mentally handicapped people, orphans and refugees from the Rosenheim area. There are still some places available for “normal” passengers. The prices can also be found at the link above.


The Voice of Peace – The Dream of Abie Nathan

Sensationally good documentary about the Israeli Abie Nathan, who spread the voice of peace during 20 yaers in the Mediterranean with his “Peace Ship” and an on-board pirate radio station. For Arabs and Israeli alike. If this man had not done this, it would be quite possible that our planet was already in ruins. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED TO SEE !!


Note: “regular download” click, then after a short wait (5 sec.)
on “Show code”, then enter the code, on the OK key of the keyboard,
then on “continue” and then again on “download file in the normal browser”
and save the movie on the PC. If it is downloaded, then look.
May take 45 minutes or so depending on your internet connection.
(do not worry if a harmless pop-up appears, page is safe)

After a long search, we found this download link in a forum after the video could not be found anywhere.

Recently, in a meeting of our association, we talked about this and that, and how wonderfully everything is shaped, with our Peace Train and everything that can and will be made of it.

And then suddenly, this documentary about the Israeli Abie Nathan once again appeared in the inner eye. Everyone who looks this documentary will be aware that there are parallels between the Peace Ship and the Peace Train. It shows more than clearly that it is possible at any time to make a mark. Today as well.Our recommendation: Absolutely download and watch and share. An incredible trail of peace that this man marked from the late 60s until the beginning of the 80s.

But beware: whoever starts to look at it will not be able to switch it off until the documentary is finished; goose bumps, cool music, deep insights, touching stories … about a person who showed us how to do it.

WE ALL ARE the Abie Nathans of this time – WE together!

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