Rosenheim, February 22nd, 2020

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In the news of december 2019 we already announced it, now the date is approaching. From March 25 to April 2, 30 El’Achai Vision Partners, including a film crew from Swiss television who are shooting a documentary about us that will last for years, will travel to Jordan and Lebanon.
This trip, which is financed by the participants themselves, will be more strongly focused on meeting and acting together with the local people and will have a unifying character. During a ride on the Jordanian Peace Train, we will weave a peace ribbon many meters long and print El’Achai peace flags with the children of a school that will accompany us on this journey. In addition, trees for peace and freedom will be planted at their school and other places. For this purpose we have selected a very special tree species, the Paulownia.

This tree species grows 5 times faster than other trees and thus produces 5 times more oxygen. But for us it is also symbolic for the rapid expansion of our vision.
And, it is beautiful, especially in flower.
The ride on the Jordan Peace Train, with which we have already been travelling 2 years ago, will be extended this time and we are heading towards the Syrian border. The best steam locomotive Jordan has, including one or two cars of the royal family, are put at our disposal.
But not for free – and it’s perfectly ok for us that compensation is demanded for this, after all it is our “idea” – much better said, our vision, which we will come much closer to with this trip there.
After a long time we are therefore once again calling for donations from you, the friends of the El’Achai Peace Train Project. Perhaps you would like to contribute financially to the ride on the Jordanian Peace Train, which will be on the tracks of the historic Peace-Hedja Railway. This railway network had a mission to unite people at the beginning of the 20th century and therefore has a special symbolism in the region.
Or would you like to make a contribution to the purchase of the tree seedlings?
We would be very grateful for a donation to help us realize our common vision.

El´Achai – Frieden &  Freiheit e.V.


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