Rosenheim, January 09th, 2020

Dear Subscriber of the official El’Achai News,

With this newsletter we would like to wish you a happy, successful and above all peaceful new year.

Do you feel it too? The topic of peace is moving more and more into the centre of attention, peace in its most diverse forms of expression, peace in personal life, peace for and with the world, peace as one of the basic conditions for the emergence of a new world.

We invite you to work for peace in the El’Achai community, also and increasingly this year, and would therefore like to draw your attention to the upcoming full moon meditation.

The coming full moon on January 10th is also a very special one: it is embedded in a powerful celestial constellation that increasingly invites us to manifest our visions, ideas and positively vibrating thoughts for a new cycle.

We would be very happy if you too would find the time to join us in a large group to meditate for peace next Friday at 7:30 pm. You can connect with the group via the following video:

Full Moon Meditation January 2020

We thank you in anticipation for your participation.


From people for peace – every support counts


We would also like to point out that the El’Achai Shop has new, cheerful and fresh (shirt) designs. Furthermore, right now, from 08th to 11th January, there is a discount campaign with 20% off.

Have a look, we would be happy if there was something for you too.

El’Achai Shop

The proceeds from the shop sale are used for the Peace Train project.

You can also support the project financially through your membership or a donation:

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Support the expansion of the peace vibration

Do you already know the youtube channel of the El-Achai Peace Train? There you will find 36 videos. By subscribing to this channel you make it possible to have a better listing of the videos on youtube and thus further spread the information about our project. Also every thumb up counts for the single videos.

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From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you, AN’ANASHA, for your presence



The Board of the El’Achai Association

Isabelle, André, Johanna, Uwe