Rosenheim, december 11th 2019

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Before we give you an overview of the events of the past months and the upcoming events, we wish you a peaceful and heartwarming Christmas season with the following picture from the Middle East.

And that’s where our next journey will take us. But first a short look at the last months.


In the last news we mentioned that we informed ourselves at a seminar about the cultural aspects in Iran. This served the preparation of an association trip to this country last October. What the group expected there was something different from what they knew from the media. So one participant described Iran as a totally modern, highly developed country, the cleanest that she has ever travelled with cultural treasures of a Philippine beauty and mosques with an incredible aesthetics and charisma; so much freer than thought, culture, subtlety and craftsmanship at its finest; so full of harmony, so wonderful people of hearts with whom the encounter was very easy.

The group visited historical sites and places along the planned route of the Great Peace Train, such as the Jameh Mosque in Isfahan. They visited the family who guarded the peace candle in Iran (it had already been handed over during previous contacts), sang for peace and enjoyed the encounters with the people.


The large square of the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan


The next journey – Spring 2020:

Jordan – Lebanon Borderless

Again the Jordan Peace Train will travel for us, from Amman (capital Jordan) to the north to the Syrian border. Jordan has chosen the best steam locomotive they have and the royal carriages for the upcoming trip!

There will be a report about this trip in the next news..


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