Rosenheim, August 11th 2019

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It’s been a while since we sent out the last newsletter. Even if there are not spectacular news to report every week on such a longbreathed project, it doesn’t mean that nothing happens.

In the last few months, which have been somewhat quieter in terms of project infrastructure and concrete travel planning, a process of growing together has arisen, both internally and with the outside. Because one thing is more and more clear to us – the Peace Train Community is the basis to carry out such a project heart for heart, and yet completely grounded.

But also growing together with the cultures in the countries on the route of the planned Great Journey. This takes place on seminars at the association’s headquarter, so recently about cultural aspects in Iran, or on association trips to the respective countries.

In spring a trip to Turkey took place, where the travel group also passed under the Bosporus by train through the Marmaray tunnel and went thus from the European to the Asian continent, and thus already marked out the path of the physical peace train.

The picture shows the tour group at the entrance to the railway station Marmaray, Istanbul

But existing contacts are also being maintained and expanded, especially with Jordan, where the presentation of the Peace Train Project ignited a flame and motivated a local group to set up its own peace train – we reported in our last newsletter.

In the near future, further trips to Jordan, but also to other countries are planned and and are already in preparation in order to bring the message and the spirit of the project to the respective countries even before the Great Peace Train Journey.

Another amazing news is that our biggest problem so far, the track leading to the East Turkish border and to Syria, which was practically non-existent, has found a solution. Russia simply built this line – the tracks are already up to Damascus. It seems as if the whole world is involved in this peace project – whether consciously or unconsciously – things just happen – they happen. To complete the track layout, only Lebanon is still a white spot. But even there – as we know first hand – efforts are already being made to get the Lebanon Railways back into operation. And that, too, will happen!

There are many amazing things on the move, which we will report to you bit by bit. Peace is looking for its way.

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Summer party

We are pleased with what has been achieved and the consolidation that the project is experiencing in the current phase.

So this year’s summer party, which took place on July 7th at the train depot in Sissach, was first of all an expression of gratitude.


But at this celebration the orientation was also the “community, togetherness and joy together”…

…and as one participant remarked, “we’ve all come closer”.


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