August 15, 2018

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It’s been a while since the last El’Achai News went out. But not because there is nothing to report. There is a lot of movement and we have our hands full. We are in the process of setting up a back office with more volunteers, so there will always be a more regular update with news for you in the future.

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New doors open


Our three golden-blue sleeping wagons are very interesting for many tour operators, because there are hardly any left. There have been many rental requests in the past. But those interested were sometimes disturbed by the golden inscription El’Achai Peace Train. This situation has changed in recent months and the cars are being requested precisely because of this inscription.

At the end of April the steam locomotive spectacle took place in Trier, a meeting of railway and steam locomotive enthusiasts, during which the historic trains invited the public to excursions from Trier station on several days. One of these steam locomotives had the three peace train wagons for the crew and the excursions.

Picture source: SWR

This was a successful dress rehearsal for our cars which were put through their paces in operational use. However, further uses of this kind are rather less planned for the future. Rather, we want the Peace Train to go on the rails for events that promote peace.


The Jordan peace project has opened another door to the heart. A group of travelers, with many members of the El’Achai Association who were in Jordan in April for another reason, was invited by their guide to go to a specific place. Some camel riders solemnly escorted their coach to this place where the Jordanian Peace Train was presented to them.

The Peace Train project, which has already been presented in several countries on the route of the planned Great Journey through 18 countries, has touched the hearts of Jordanians so strongly that they have put together their own peace procession, based on the original.

Middle East

The opening of doors will also be the subject of a short-term membership trip organised by El’Achai Frieden und Freiheit e.V. Germany and El’Achai Frieden und Freiheit (Switzerland). In three countries of the Middle East they will make further preparations for the Great Journey through 18 countries. We will report about this in the next El’Achai News.

The Global El’Achai Peace Project

A pillar of this project is the provision of new technologies, including drive technologies. There has been further progress in this part of the project in the recent past, and we may be able to tell you more about this in our next newsletter.



If you want to be informed about the development of the Peace Train and the Global El’ Achai Peace Project in a near-term and detailed way, the vision partnership/supporting membership in the association is a suitable means. On the one hand you would be more deeply involved in the events, on the other hand the association would of course be directly supported financially by your membership fee.

As a member of the El’ Achai Association, you would also have the advantage of being given priority in the allocation of rides on the peace train on his journeys. Become a vision partner now

We would be very happy to welcome you as part of the Peace Train family. El’Achai – more than being part of it.


El’Achai Shop

Another reference to the summer collection of the El’Achai clothing shop: New in it are cool caps from the Peace Train in cooperative design, tank tops for men and women and new T-shirt motifs:

Through your purchase you not only support the work of the association, but also make your very personal statement for humanity, love and peace while wearing these high-quality articles.

Have a look, it’s worth it:


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