Rosenheim, Dec 9, 2017 

Dear subscriber of the official El’Achai News,

We thank you for your interest in the El’Achai Peace Train and wish you a fulfilling and peaceful pre-Christmas season.

At this end of 2017, we would like to share the following with you.

In the previous official El’Achai Peace Train News we sent you the link to the homepage . On this site, you can see beautiful pictures of our summer festival and the open heart day of August and the trip with our Bluestar, the cleanest steam engine in the world equipped with new technologies.

Out of this, we produced a rousing, cinematic image film of the Peace Train, which is now available on Youtube:

German version:

English Version:

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In addition, the new, 20-page pamphlet for the Peace Train is now ready, so far only in pdf and german version for you, because there are just not enough funds to print it: New brochure Pdf



Urgent donation call

to everyone who cares about the peace train.

It would really help the three El’Achai associations, and thus the Peace Train, if you wanted to share something.

The three El’Achai associations have until the end of the year to repay a rather high sum.

The point is to lift the remaining amounts for the purchase and restoration of the three sleeping wagons.

Of the remaining 40,000 euros, we have been able to collect 27,000 euros through donations and again the use of our personal funds. It still lacks 13,000 euros.

We ask for your help and support. No matter how much you can and want to give, each amount brings us closer to complete this great and important purchase of the sleeping cars.

Maybe you also know someone who would like to make a meaningful donation for sustainable peace work at the end of the year?

Optionally with or without donation receipt, in Euro or CHF


Wholeheartedly, thanks to you,
the living El’Achai Peace Train


We wish you a happy and healthy 2018 full of freedom and peace in your heart

Isabelle, André, Johanna and Uwe


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