Rosenheim, September 16, 2017

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true to the motto ” Peace begins where you arrive ” was held, 5 weeks ago, the big summer party in the depot of the El’Achai peace train, as well as the day of the open heart gates. While one day was dedicated to celebrating with our members and inviting us to a beautiful train ride, the other day was a big step toward the public.

Both were a wonderful success and the spirit of peace and freedom had settled like a comforting warm blanket over all present, members and also visitors. It was felt by everyone.

Because words are just words, no matter how well chosen, we’d like to invite you to watch the pictures and movies.

By clicking on the photo of the scoreboard from Sissach station, you get straight to the photo gallery:


Here are a few moving pictures, so short films, so that also the perception channel of hearing is addressed:

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