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The El’Achai Peace Train is on track


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We are very happy to send you the first, official news. Only our members / vision partners have already been informed by us about the state of affairs in terms of peace & freedom and the El’Achai peace train.

Life in the train – Photos of the consecration from July 3rd – 5, 2015

For three days, we were 20 people to sleep, eat, celebrate and live in the train. And we have baptized the train so that it may lead us into a peaceful time on earth. It was an indescribably beautiful and informal atmosphere and the fire test at the same time – and yes, everything is there, all you need to feel good and to go on a long journey. A warm greeting and a big thank you to all involved.

The maiden journey of the Peace Train from October 29 to November 2nd, 2015 from Sissach (CH) to Rosenheim and back (registration possible!)

Everything is now well organized, the routes are booked at the SBB and DB and the timetable is official. We are now able to present to you the possibility, how you can contribute as e peace traveler to the success of this project, if you feel called. Your train starts from the depot in Sissach via Zurich, Ulm and other stops to Rosenheim, to the headquarter of El’Achai – Peace & Freedom eV. The splendid steam locomotive, the Queen of the Rails which leads the peace train, will make its spectacular entrance into the Rosenheim station on October 31 at 9:00 o’clock – goose bumps guaranteed! Then the train will stay on the track for about an hour and can be visited and felt there. This journey is the initiation of the Peace Train and has a great energetic significance. Would you like to feel part of the Peace Train and join us, maybe only on one leg? Here is the PDF that contains all the information about the maiden journey.

Also on www.el-achai.com everything is online now. Have a look at it.


Charity journey of the El’Achai Peace Train on October 31, 2015 from Rosenheim to Salzburg and back (registration now possible)

The train will of course not be idle over the weekend. We will make a trip for immigrants / refugees and their godparents. El’Achai – Peace & Freedom eV provides 100 free seats 1st class. Nevertheless, there is still room for further bookings, maybe you are interested? It should be a commitment to integration and charity. More information on this in the next official El’Achai News. Here you will find the PDF containing all information about this day trip. Reduced child contributions! This can also be a nice family or company outing.



The great journey of the El’Achai Peace Train in autumn 2016 from Switzerland via the Balkans, Turkey to Iran to Jerusalem and back again

Even as we organize the maiden voyage, we keep a close eye on the big journey and are vigorously in the process of manifesting and planning. This 5-week train journey is a great challenge on the logistical and financial level, and we are confident in live and that many people will join us in word and deed.

Currently we are contacting the responsible embassies and the respective railway companies of the different countries. The track route is already registered and a ferry marked, which will bring the entire train over the huge Wansee in eastern Turkey. These are here and now only parts of the organizational tasks. Surely you can imagine that there is much more behind it. At least we have excellent connections to all possible interfaces on an international level. Because also there, everywhere, there are people who are enthusiastic about the Peace Train and who want nothing more than peace and freedom. We communicate with these people at the heart level, that’s the only way. We will light hundreds of El’Achai peace candles with the local people along the way and circulate our specially recorded El’Achai CD. It contains specially composed songs for the Peace Train, because words are the one – but music is a better way to communicate. We will invite people in each country to come on board and accompany us for a section. This will draw a trail of love, peace and freedom along the route and far beyond. This train will spread its message beyond the borders of countries, cultures, skin colors and religions.supported us and expressed their trust in us – a big, golden THANK YOU !!

In active planning is also a flexible El’Achai – peace and intervention train

It will be deployed on demand in crisis areas using a historic electric locomotive (or the then fully with new technologies equipped steam locomotive). The Peace Intervention Train can then be readied for departure at short notice and with volunteers / vision partners / peace ambassadors on board, take care of people in distress. Further information will follow.

Conclusion: Everything is there. To get it on the rails and entertain it, we need funds. We (the founding members) will give everything we have – everything – to make this vision a reality. The key question is: who else – if not us (all together), should do that all this come true? That’s why:

El’Achai – Be part of it, contribute your part of help.

By the way, there is now an exciting and informative interview on the homepage with the guardian and holder of the train, Uwe Fiedler, about his vision, his love for trains and everything around them. To see it (in german language), follow this link: interview

On this page, you can also find the possibility to become a vision partner or donate.

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