Peace for all Nations


Giving leads to peace. If you have the feeling that life has given you enough so that you can donate to world peace and freedom, this is your chance. If this great heartfelt project inspires you, be a part of it.

So that you know what happens to your donation, we want to be transparent:

Current balance of donation account
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Chronology of expenses

As you can well imagine, bringing to life such a project not only calls for enthusiasm and clear goals, it also needs financial means. It is our full intention not to depend on big sponsors (easy to find). We want to prove that this project can be done by people like you, like me, like her or him, if we are fully committed to it together and have faith. The New World can unfold only in this way, our world together.

Donations will be used exclusively for the projects described herein.

El’Achai – Peace and Freedom will continue to openly inform and update you about the progress and success of the projects.